International Edremit Photo Festival

Francois Nadeau / Canada

About Me

Professional photographer originally from Montreal, Quebec, François has been
selected and invited six times (2013-2014-2015-2016-2018-2019) to the « World
Photographers focusing on Beijing » event. He worked in Turkey for the project
« Izmir, a Legacy for Tomorrow » organized by the Arkas Art Center, and his
photos were exhibited at the Arkas Museum. He also participated in the Izmir
Photography Days. In 2014, he won the first prize in the international
photography competition « 2014 Chinese Dream in the Eyes of Foreign
Friends ».
A significant exhibition of his work was presented at the Photo Beijing 2017
He has also published four books, including « China, Photographic Narrative in
the Middle Kingdom » by Cayenne Editions. Currently based in Beijing, he
founded the Beijing Photography Workshops and is a documentary photographer
with the Hans Lucas Agency, NurPhoto Agency and ZUMA Press.


Exhibition Name

A vision of China

This series of photographs captures the diversity of the Chinese people acrossdifferent places and social statuses. Through candid portraits and scenes ofeveryday life, these images offer an authentic view of contemporary China. Eachphoto tells a unique story, highlighting the cultural nuances and varied realities ofthis vast country. From a punk concert in Beijing to a speed skating training foryouth given by an Olympic champion, the collection spans a wide range ofexperiences. From the tranquility of rural villages to the bustling energy ofmegacities, this collection invites visitors to discover the true essence of China,beyond stereotypes and clichés. A poignant visual journey that meets a peoplerich in tradition and modernity.


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