International Edremit Photo Festival

Nenad Borojevic /Serbia

About Me

In 2014, he graduated from school as a video journalist.

He became a member of the “Belgrade” Camera photo club and “Photo Association of Serbia” in 2014.

The first exhibitor in Serbia for 2020.

Top Exhibitors – 2023 – Federation of Indian Photography on 68th place.

Since 2020, he has been the holder of the photographic artist title “EFIAP” from the world photographic association “FIAP” and the photographic distinction “F1” from the “Photo Association of Serbia”.

In 2020, he became a member of the photographic associations “Global Photographic Union” and Asia Photographers Union.

From 2002 to 2021. Received a diploma for 9th place among the 10th most successful authors in the last 20th years in Serbia.

In 2023 he is the best autor of the photography contest- Art and photogenicity- of the Museum from Vrbas with the photo: ”I look at him and see me”.

In 2023, he holds the title of EFIAP/b ; EDIPA/g ; Fellowship of ROYAL GRAND MASTER  GNG Club and HON.VEDIC

At the international competition “6th INTERNATIONAL SALON CAPODIMONTE 2024” he was the best author with 19 photos and winner of the Fiap blue badge.

He won over 920 awards at international exhibitions.

From 2018 to today, he is among the 10. best authors from Serbia.


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