International Edremit Photo Festival

Paolo Stuppazzoni / Italy​

About Me

Photographing curriculum of Paolo Stuppazzoni – A.F.I./FOUR Stars – EFIAP/B – EFIAF/B –

I was born in bologna on 01/ 08/1960,

Around 1980, i began to be interested in photography, then with time to participate in the first national competitions

Of photography, participating in the first fiaf national competitions in 1990.

I had the pleasure of having photographic satisfaction and true recognition, always with the main purpose of

Photographer giving priority to reportage, street photography , and especially contact with people in general.

I photographed in the most important theaters of modena and province and emilia R., crowning a dream

To dedicate myself to the photography of the scene, always my greatest desire.

I photographed in the most famous theatres of emilia , like pavarotti of modena – the storchi of modena – theatre

I have photographed as official photographer numerous shows of italian companies of great prestige in the field

Classical ucraina ballet 2022 official photographer for italy – following the company’s tour in italy

Winner of the year 2022 of the prestigious award ovidio – delivered by the academy sulmonese.


Exhibition Name

Paolo Stuppazzoni


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