International Edremit Photo Festival

Prof. Dr. Savaş Şener

I was born in Avanos (Cappadocia), the beautiful town of Turkey. I have a Ph.D. on Environmental Science and Technology. I am also an EFIAP photographer, specializing in nature and macro photography. Photography started out as a hobby for me in the latter stages of my professional career, but it quickly became a passion that took over my life. I am currently an emeritus professor at the university.

I am a member of two photography associations, BUFSAD- Bursa Photography Art Association and AFFD- Afyon Phrygian Photography Association. My photographs have been published in several international newspapers and magazines, including The Telegraph, The Guardian, The New York Post, Bild am Sonntag, Der Spiegel, and National Geographic. I have also written technical photo-articles and detailed reviews for various photographic publications. In addition to my editorial duties, I am a trainer in the training platforms and workshops of many associations and societies.

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